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2.5T AWD Luxury

Your subscription benefits

All-Inclusive Subscription

The monthly fee covers all of your mobility needs. You only have to refuel.*

Free Delivery

We will contact you about your free delivery (within our business hours) - then all that is left is to choose whether it is to your home or place of work.

Personal service

Your Genesis Personal Assistant is there to assist you personally.

*The monthly fee does not cover consumable materials such as fuel, adblue etc. Go to the FAQ for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What requirements are needed for the car subscription?

You must be at least 18 years old, have a driving license and be resident in Germany.
You must also have a positive credit report.

What payment options do I have?

We currently only offer payment by credit card. Unfortunately, other options are not available as of yet.

How do I receive my vehicle?

All of our vehicles are delivered free of charge to your desired delivery location in Germany.
Exceptions are the German islands and areas that are difficult to access

Is there an excess?

Yes. The amount of the deductible is EUR 1.000,00 for fully and partially comprehensive damage.

How old are the cars at GENESIS?

The cars are usually new or nearly new.

Are there any costs for the delivery of the car?

No. Delivery costs only arise if a second approach has to be agreed

How old do I have to be to subscribe to a car with GENESIS?

You must be at least 18 years old.

Is it possible to reduce the deductible?

We are working on that, unfortunatley, as of yet, it is not possible.

When is the monthly instalment debited?

The first instalment is frozen shortly before the handover of the car and will be collected after the handover. The subsequent instalments are always made at the same time of the next month.

How can I cancel my car subscription?

You can find your subscription in your customer dashboard. Under the details you will find the option to cancel your subscription.

How long is the contract period?

We offer vehicles with minimum terms.
For vehicles with a minimum duration, you can drive the vehicle for at least the selected duration.
At the end of your chosen minimum term, the subscription will always be renewed for another month until you change or cancel the vehicle. If you choose a minimum term of 3 months, you can cancel or change your subscription monthly after these 3 months.
If you decide to increase the minimum term of your subscription to longer than 3 months, you can only change or cancel your car at the end of this period.
If you want to cancel your subscription, you can cancel it online 10 days before the end of your contract period.

Your subscription always starts on the day the vehicle is handed over.

What documents to I need to show when I hand over the vehicle?

When handing over the vehicle, our driver needs to see your identity card and your driver's license.

Can I get custom number plates?

No other license plates are permitted.

How are any fines handled?

Fines will be passed on to the customer.

What is "All Inclusive" in the car subscription?

The monthly all-inclusive subscription rate covers all costs for the operation of your vehicle and all GENESIS services.

As a GENESIS customer, you only pay for consumable materials such as fuel, adblue etc. With the car subscription, GENESIS has created an all-inclusive subscription for customers. The following services are included in the subscription:

- Registration of the vehicle
- Highway vignette
- Insurance (Third party liability insurance, comprehensive and partial cover insurance. The maximum deductible in the event of damage is EUR 1.000,00)
- Taxes and radio fees
- Damage management
- Necessary maintenance work and reparis caused by wear and tear
- Necessary inspections and seasonally required tires.
- Genesis Care Program

What is excluded

You only cover the costs for consumable materials such as fuel, Adblue, wit water and oil, if this has to be refilled before the scheduled inspection and, in addition, the fees for fines, tolls and parking costs.

In which countries is there insurance cover for my Genesis Flexibility vehicle?

The vehicle booked in each case may be taken to the following countries in addition to Germany:
Insurance coverage exists in Europe and the EU
A shipment to all countries not listed here is expressly prohibited and is only allowed with the prior, express and written consent of GENESIS

When does my monthly mileage start?

The mileage is not noted until the handover.

When can I cancel the car subscription?

Let us know at least 10 days before the due date that you want to cancel your car subscription. You have to cancel in your dashboard.

Am I guaranteed replacement mobility?

Replacement mobility is regulated by GENESIS. It is in our interest to provide you with the best possible service.

Can I take my KM credit from one month to the next?

Yes, that is possible. When the car is returned, the total mileage is checked.
Specifically, this means that if you haven't used up all of your kilometers in the current month, they will be credited to you in the next month.

What wear and tear is classified as damage?

These wear and tear are classified as damage:
Soiling / impurities that cannot be removed by normal cleaning
Mold (also resulting odours)
Holes, cracks and fire / fire damage to interior materials
Significant scratches or scrapes that cannot be repaired by simply polishing
Odours from all types of tobacco and e-cigarette use
Residues and hair from animals on materials in the interior that require separate cleaning

What happens in the event of damage?

All vehicles are fully and partially insured. As a rule, all damage is covered by the insurance and you only have to bear the maximum amount of the included deductible.

Do I have the right to a resident's parking permit with a car in the subscription?

Yes, you can get a redident's parking permit

How do I find out the status of my booking?

You can find out the status of your booking request in the customer dashboard.

When will I receive confirmation of my booking request?

You will usually get a response within 2 working days.

Can I change my bank details from which the amount is debited?

We are working on this. Payment is currently only possible by credit card.

What documents do I need to have ready
in order to subscribe to a car with GENESIS?

Firstly, we need your personal data such as name, address, payment method, etc. If we need further information, we will contact you.

Is the excess blocked on the credit card when the contract is concluded or are they only charged when there is an actual claim?

Nothing is blocked. The deductible is only withdrawn in the event of damage and only in the actual amount of the damage.
If the amount of the damage exceeds the deductible, the maximum amount of the stated deductible will be collected.

Damage to the bumper

These wear and tear incidents are classified as damage:
Obvious damage, e.g. dents / dents, breaks / cracks in the plastic or deformations
Changes in shape of the bumper bracket caused by an accident.

The following wear and tear is not a problem:
Abrasion on rubber elements or other unpainted elements with no obvious bumper deformation
Usual paintwork wear, not penetrating to the primer.
Learn more here:

How can I sell my current car?

Unfortunately, this option is not yet available in Germany.

Damage to the bodywork

This wear and tear is classified as damage:
Significant damage (dents or dents) to the body that is more than 2 cm in diameter
Accidental damage or hail damage that has not been repaired.
Learn more here:

What about a breakdown service?

Here we have 24/7 emergency help for you. You will find the telephone number in your information folder when you hand over the car.

Can I also use the Genesis car subsricption as a business owner?

Of course, you can also use your car from us for business purposes and run it through your company.

What is classified as damage to glass and lights

This wear and tear is classified as damage:
Wear / traces of use must not endanger road safety or the approval of the inspection sticker (HU § 29 StVZO).

The following wear and tear is not a problem:
All damage that does not endanger the road safety of the vehicle
All damage that does not endanger the issuing of the test sticker (HU § 29 StVZO)
Learn more here:

How are small traces of use on the car dealt with?

We do not complain about signs of wear and tear that have arisen in normal, proper use. So you don't have to worry about that.
In each individual case, GENESIS decides whether it is damage or normal usage.
In the event of damage, the deductible is due. You can find these on the details page of the respective vehicle.
Learn more here:

In which regions of Germany can I use the
GENESIS car subscription?

Everywhere 😊. Provided that driving is allowed.

Are summer and winter tyres included in the
GENESIS car subscription?

Our car subscription includes suitable tyres and a change for summer and winter time, or the car has all season tyres.

How are inspections handled?

The inspection will be carried out by us and you will be provided with a replacement vehicle. All you have to do is tell us where to pick up your GENESIS.
The inspection is of course free of charge for you.

Who is the vehicle owner on a car subscription?

The vehicle owner is Genesis.

What classifies as damage to the paintwork?

This wear and tear is classified as damage:
Scratches and scrapes in the paintwork that cannot be polished out
Quirks in the paintwork that have to be repainted
Stone chips that penetrate the paint down to the primer
Unprofessional paintwork or stickers that cause colour differences
Paint damage caused by natural and environmental influences and which can be avoided, e.g. resin, bird and bee droppings etc.

The following wear and tear is not a problem:
Polishable, light scratches on the surface of the vehicle
Polishable traces of the washing system or streaks
Small stone chips that do not penetrate the paint up to the primer.
Learn more here:

How do I get more detailed information about the vehicle?

We are happy to give you further information over the phone or E-Mail.

When will my car be delivered?

GENESIS goes to great lengths to meet your desired date. Unfortunately, this cannot always be guaranteed. This can lead to changes in dates. GENESIS will contact you to discuss further details.

How do I return my vehicle?

We will pick up your vehicle from you. Our driver service will contact you to coordinate the pick-up location and time with you

Can I change my booked mileage package during the term?

Of course, you can change the mileage packages in your dashboard during your subscription and thus design your own individual package.

What do I do in the event of an accident or damage?

So that you are well prepared in the event of an emergency, you will find a "Quick Help folder" in every GENESIS car, which shows the necessary procedure at a glance in all cases.
There you will also find all the service numbers.
Important: In an emergency, always dial 112!

Is it possible to include my own
existing car insurance in the car subscription?

Fully comprehensive insurance is already included in your car subscription. That's why you don't need your own insurance with us.
You cannot take over your no-claims class, but ask your insurance company whether you can take the years with you from the subscription. Basically, that shouldn't be a problem.

What happens after the minimum contract period?

You can simply continue to drive your car after the minimum term has expired.
Your subscription will then be automatically extended by 1 month until you cancel or we cancel the subscription. You can also cancel your subscription before the minimum term has expired.
Then your subscription will not be renewed automatically.

What other costs can I incur apart from the monthly instalment?

There are no further costs to you apart from fuel and possibly AdBlue.

How long are the delivery times?

4 weeks

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